THIS REPOSITORY IS FROZEN. THE NEW REPOSITORY IS: https://bdc-gitlab.dpi.inpe.br/terralib/terralib

This is the TerraLib Platform version 5.0 launched as a Long Term Support (LTS) release

TerraLib is a multiplatform C++ framework for GIS application development.

Documents to read before:

BRANCHES  Notes on how to switch to the right branch to work on: 
          MASTER, DEVELOP, release-5.6.0 or any other branch or tagged release.

BUILD-INSTRUCTIONS  Notes on how to compile and install Terralib in some platforms.

CHANGELOG      List of changes

COPYING        Licence statement in plain txt format

COPYING.html   Licence statement in HTML format

Main Directories:
build       Contains the CMake scripts with commands, macros and functions 
            used to build the environment for compiling libraries and executables
            in different platforms using the CMake tool.
examples    Some examples on how to use TerraLib API.

installer   Scripts for creating TerraLib installers.
            Supported installers: NSIS.

licenses    Copyright notices of third-party libraries used by terralib.

resources   Fonts, images, sql, xml files among other resources of general use.

share       XML Schema (.xsd), Json, plugins, translations files and OGC specifications.
src         Contains the source code of TerraLib and TerraView as a module.

unittest    Contains some code to test TerraLib.

Bug reporting:
Any problem should be reported to:
terralib-developers@dpi.inpe.br or terralib-community@dpi.inpe.br

                           @-TerraLib Team-@
            National Institute For Space Research - INPE
      P. BOX 515 - São Jose dos Campos - SP - Brazil, 12201-970
                            Nov 26, 2020